Special Techniques To Defend From A Home Intruder With The Shadowhawk Laser Saber

In today’s world security is one major issue that cannot be overlooked regardless of where you are living or where you are living or where you are travelling to. This makes it a necessary that you should do everything in your capacity to protect yourself and the people around you. In doing so you need to to use the means and methods that are not only convinient but also compatible with your budget and lifestyle. There are many self-defense methods out there that you have probably heard and seen people using and each method comes with its own inconveniences. One of the most effective gadget that will give you all the comfort and the joy that you need while using it is the Shadowhawk Laser Saber.

The Shadowhawk Laser Saber

shadowhawk tactical laser saberAt night when you are being photographed using a camera, the flash light from the camera may make you to lose proper vision for a couple of minutes though the light is not that strong and also it is turned off in less than a second. Imagine if the flash used is more powerful lets say like 100 times more than that of the camera and it is not turned off. You will be totally disoriented if not turning blind. This is what Shadowhawk Laser Saber can do and the good thing about it is that you don’t have to struggle with many buttons and wires so as to make it work. What is just required of you is to simply push a button.

With the right gadget, any task that would be otherwise impossible will turned possible within a fraction of a second. Shadowhawk Laser Saber uses tactical laser technology and it is this kind of technology that is being used by the high-level security apparatus in the world such as the U.S. Navy Seals,Policemen and any other security organ that you can think about. A tactical flashlight comes in handy in allowing you to identify the target and making the target to be more visible. Most of the tactical flashlights have been designed and made of different materials and the most dominant materials used is aerospace grade aluminum.

The design and the make of tactical flashlights is in such way that enables them to be used in any situation and even in unfavourable environment. This is because they are waterproof and have textured grips that make it easy to handle them. The flashlight is also small enough and can easily fit in your pocket hence moving around with it won’t be problem.

Techniques For Holding And Using A Tactical Laser Saber

While trying to flush the intruder out of your environment, there are various techniques that you can apply so as to hold the tactical laser in a good position.

1. Chapman technique:

Here you hold the flashlight like a sword and you put the hand that is holding it next to your weapon.

2. Harries technique:

The hand holding the flashlight is located below the one holding the weapon.

3. Ayoob technique:

This technique works for the side-mounted switch flashlight.

Other popular techniques include FBI technique, Neck Index technique and Rogers/Surefire Hold.

Reasons To Carry A Shadowhawk Laser Saber

• Is a self defense tool: This is the major reason that should motivate you to carry this kind of laser. It has high intesity of brightness and if you flash it into the eyes of a would be intruder, the attacker will completly lose focus. This will give you time to take a reactive action such as running away or attacking the person.

• Can be a perfect source of light in case of emergency situations such as power blackout.

• A tactical laser can be used to identify the threat that is hiding in the darkness. The bright light coming from the laser has the capability of illuminating a poorly lot area even if you are severall meters away. You can use it to reveal what is hiding in the corner of your house or at the backseat of the car.