9 Tips To Save When Traveling To Europe

If you ask around almost anyone will tell you that travelling to Europe is not at all cheap during the summer. Its usually an expensive affair due to the record-high fuel surcharges and the airport fees that are added to each ticket.

Thankfully technology has made it so we can have access ways by which we can save money when traveling. Here are the 9 ways to save on your next vacation to Europe!

Remember, most of these tips (if money is involved) can be done online and rewarded cashback through the Dubli Network toolbar if you are a member (available world wide).

1) Always Travel In Late Summer

The recent trends suggest that flights from US to Europe are cheapest in the month of August. For example, a trip from East Coast to Amsterdam is around $1200 in June/July but hovers around $1000 in August.

2) Get A Free Flight When You Sign Up For A New Credit Card

Many credit companies offer 10,000 or more frequent flier miles when you sign up. In fact, most of the popular cards offer as much as 50,000 miles. However, there are some spending requirements to get these benefits. But if you can time it right then you can accumulate enough miles for a free round-trip ticket from US to Europe.

3) Hunt For Fares Outside Major Sites

Not many people know that the major travel sites like Orbitz and Expedia do not have the lowest fares. This is because some airlines like Ryanair and Turkish Airlines are not included in the search result and you need to find fares for these airlines separately.

The trick is to check the websites of these airlines to get the lowest fares. You can also use online shopping programs that are Dubli Network friendly that allow you to get the cheapest airfare possible when you sign up with a small monthly membership with them.

4) Pick The Routes Less Travelled

Paris, Geneva and Vienna are luxury travel destinations in Europe and not the places to see when you are on a budget. You should lean more towards the Mediterranean destinations and the East European travel places like Budapest and Dubrovnik.

5) Avoid Travel Packages

Vacation packages and the 7-day bus tours are a great way to see the continent but your cost will shoot up when you factor in the extra costs for meals and the side attractions. Always rely on independent travel, as Europe can be a traveller’s playground.

6) Consider Different Neighborhoods

If you prefer to stay in a hotel then always choose small hotels and B&Bs in neighborhoods, which are just outside the main thoroughfares. Large chain hotels are very expensive due to the taxes that are passed on to the guests. It’s a good idea to compare different hotels to get the best rates or contact the hotel directly to get a deal. We asked frequent European traveler Vick Strizheus what he thought about using guest services to find great deals, and his response was worth hearing, "The internet makes traveling so much easier because you can shop for bargains and deals on the fly without wasting alot of time or effort."

7) Take Public Transportation From The Airport Whenever Possible

Most of the European airports are connected to the downtown by buses/trains, which are less expensive than taxis. You need to do a little research before landing or visit the tourist information center at the airport to go through all available options.

8) Always Fly On A Weekday

If you are travelling from US to Europe then the lowest priced flights are always on a weekday. The mid-week flights tend to be cheaper across all sectors. Always aim for a Tuesday or a Wednesday departure and return.

9) Eat Lunches Out But Have Dinner In The Hotels

We all want to enjoy the culinary delights of a specific region in Europe but opting for lunches in the town than dinners can actually help you save a lot of money. A number of departmental stores in Europe like Printemps Paris and Harrods’s offer reasonably priced self-service lunches. If you are visiting a bar then remember that there is an extra charge for sitting down. So stand up at the bar to keep the meal costs down.